Discovering India….

After a busy holiday season, I decided to skip out on winter in NYC, and headed to India for a very long trip, traveling what felt like the entire country. I should say it’s a really large country, so of course, I didn’t see all of it, but damn close. It was too intense and overwhelming of an experience to go into the details, but all in all – India is like no other place I have visited before (and I’ve done a good share of seeing the world). The food is delicious, the cities are crazy amazing, and the jewelry was very striking.

I am very happy to be back home and back in my studio. There’s so much jewelry to make for Spring/Summer 2012. I have recently finished my new collection for Fall/Winter – more about that later, I promise. Til then, here are a few photos of India from my Instagram…..


These are a family of children living on the streets of Mumbai with their mother. I asked her if I could take a picture of her kids… They were so beautiful.



I tried to take photos that captured the immense color and vibrancy that is constantly present everywhere in India, but it’s challenging with just a lil iphone.


This was a bangle I found in Jaipur. I wanted to buy 100 of them to give to everyone back home, but alas there was only this one. Perhaps I can recreate it with a mould….


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