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horse feathers slay me

May 5, 2010

this year i received the best birthday gift ever (other than diamonds that is) – tickets to a Horse Feathers concert. a few years ago cristin stumbled upon the music of this incredible band, and we have been eternally bewitched by them since. the sweet, soft melodies, poetic genius, and unmistakable crooning of Justin Ringle will stir desire for more under every inch of your skin. we went to see them at Union Hall in brooklyn on monday night. the intimate, old timely mood of this venue is the perfect setting to enjoy each strum of banjo and each pluck of violin strings contributing to make Horse Feathers sound so mesmerizing.

pretty horse feathers merch table

justin, catherine, and nathan

Union Hall

jewelry hearts music

May 3, 2010

if you have not discovered her amazing music yet, holly miranda is going to bring a whole new level of bliss to your auditory experience. her great voice and ethereal songs will send you to an otherworld of daydreaming about the one who broke your heart and the one who will come along to mend it. a fellow brooklyn girl, holly is about to take the globe by storm with her upcoming international tour and bewitch every lucky boy n girl along the way. today she came over to my apartment to talk about nyc, her adorable nieces, and jewelry. i am creating an exclusive collection of jewelry just for holly. yes, she’s that special. seriously. we sipped chai and dished over some of my favorite topics- gemstones and horses. i’m not going to spill too much now, but i think this is going to be a super rad collaboration. no details about what bling i am adorning holly with yet, but here’s a sneak peek at my sketch pad as we brainstormed ideas…

stay tuned. jené despain jewelry for holly miranda will be appearing in NYC soon…

in the meantime, here is some brooklyn up in here: