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for the love of Rodarte

April 26, 2010

on tuesday, April 20th, Rodarte’s LA office sent out Andy to host a private sample sale here in NYC. yea for those of us on the guest list! arriving early, i got to hang out a little with Andy (his jewelry was amazing!) as well as Andrew Mukamal, Kelly Cutrone’s assistant at People’s Revolution. Andrew has the most beautiful long hair, which would make any girl jealous to have those locks. there were a few beautiful dresses, some tee-shirts from their S/S 2010 collection, and stunning, rock n roll “i will stomp you” studded heels with hardware bolts spinning round the stiletto. hotttt! sadly what the sale was missing – size 0! nothing, absolutely nothing at the sale was a size 0 and all of the size 2 pieces were running big. grrrr.

i did try on a beautiful leather jacket, but it was missing its hardware, didn’t have a rodarte tag anywhere on it to be found, and the knit hood was starting to pill. i did deeply consider taking it home anyway. i mean, i can sew buckles onto a jacket, right?!

after consulting andy & andrew and wearing it around for 30 minutes, i realized it was silly to drop a gripful of money on a jacket that was incomplete. alas, i did enjoy petting all the beautiful hand embroidered dresses and drooling over the shoes, which the smallest size at the sale was a 40! um, i know there are lots of tall models in NYC, but when the smallest shoe size at a sale is a 40, it’s only going to be a select group of giants that get to swoop up those beauties. oh well, it still was wonderful to attend the sale and i’m always thrilled to be invited to anything involving Kate and Laura’s brilliance.

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