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Discovering India….

April 20, 2012

After a busy holiday season, I decided to skip out on winter in NYC, and headed to India for a very long trip, traveling what felt like the entire country. I should say it’s a really large country, so of course, I didn’t see all of it, but damn close. It was too intense and overwhelming of an experience to go into the details, but all in all – India is like no other place I have visited before (and I’ve done a good share of seeing the world). The food is delicious, the cities are crazy amazing, and the jewelry was very striking.

I am very happy to be back home and back in my studio. There’s so much jewelry to make for Spring/Summer 2012. I have recently finished my new collection for Fall/Winter – more about that later, I promise. Til then, here are a few photos of India from my Instagram…..


These are a family of children living on the streets of Mumbai with their mother. I asked her if I could take a picture of her kids… They were so beautiful.



I tried to take photos that captured the immense color and vibrancy that is constantly present everywhere in India, but it’s challenging with just a lil iphone.


This was a bangle I found in Jaipur. I wanted to buy 100 of them to give to everyone back home, but alas there was only this one. Perhaps I can recreate it with a mould….

December 8, 2011

Despite the rain, the lovely ladies of Jené DeSpain Jewelry headed out to celebrate the holidays last night. There were sooo many parties around NYC last night, so we put on something sparkly and faced the weather. I seem to have this re-occuring habit of never remembering an umbrella, but who wants to carry an umbrella all night?! Layers of  jewelry and the kindness of strangers, who offer me refuge under their umbrella, are really my only defenses against the downpour. After dashing from one umbrella to the next, I made it safely to the front doors of Burberry’s Soho location, where ELLE Magazine was hosting their annual holiday festivities. Garance, Gianna, and I welcomed the glasses of Veuve and the sounds of choice tracks spun by Chelsea Leyland.

We meet lots of pretty people and saw some old friends. I was particularly happy to see Jodi Belden. She is a very lovely lady who makes the accessories magic happen at ELLE. We chatted about the chaos of the NYC Holiday season and shared a lil bit about our plans for Christmas traveling. She has impeccable style, and I’m always inspired by what she’s wearing. Her red hat was so striking, and a brilliant choice for a rainy night out. *Note to self – procure large bohemian hat that looks fabulous with everything to defend hair against future rain-filled evening!

We had a great evening making new friends and drooling over the Burberry’s new Winter collection. Thank you ELLE for a wonderful party. Now we’re off to battle the night on our way to the next adventure…

January 6, 2011

in complete procrastination of 1021 things i am supposed to be doing today, i thought it completely important to post a photo of the new scarf that my friend Alyson just sent me! she actually sent me 2 amazing scarves, but i’m holding out on showing you the second one because i’m going to rock it during Spring and show it to you then!

Alyson is hands down one of my favorite people on this planet. She is an incredible designer with a soul so bright, i can feel her awesomeness 3000 miles away (she lives in Portland). Her clothes are stunning and should you fancy some new items, which i know you do, check out her website: to scope her pretty, pretty new collection.

i can't decide what i love more, the charming print or its perfect shade of hermes orange?

The other object that i am completely smitten with this week is this gorgeous, shiny Stag’s head that my “mother-in-law” gave me.

Wait… what do you call your sweetheart’s mother if you’re not married? your “lover’s mother”? your “hunny’s mummy”? is there a term for this? with the amount of peeps in committed relationships that aren’t married, i feel like we need a new term for one another’s parents…. just a thought.

ok, back to my obsession – this amazing Stag, which i do believe needs a name, is now grandly adorning my dining table, along with the matching snowflake platters that Glennis (my lover’s mother) also gave me. how awesome is she!? i can’t stop smiling every time i walk past my table. it’s just so pretty.

i hope you are enjoying this beautiful winter afternoon somewhere cozy with lovely things to look at.


a winter's table